Sunday, August 22, 2010

A couple months ago I had the opportunity to help my friend, Theresa Loe, during a TV shoot in her garden for the PBS gardening show called GROWING A GREENER WORLD. Have you seen it? I have, but not on my local PBS station since KPBS didn't buy this great show last year. (Tsk, Tsk, KPBS!) Your PBS station may not have bought it either, but never fear - posts complete episodes the day after they air nationwide for the rest of us to enjoy, learn and be inspired.

Early that day the cameraman asked if I could operate the third camera for them during the filming and I had a blast as" camera-girl" for a day.

My friend wasn't the only one on camera that day. Earlier in the year Theresa gave me a new chicken for my birthday (what a terrific friend!) and I named my new Buff Polish hen, Thyme. I live a couple hours away from my friend and due to our busy lives I haven't picked Thyme up yet and brought her to her new coop here at Edgehill Herb Farm, which meant Thyme was in the coop at my friend's house during the filming. Thyme is now a backup hen! A PBS extra chicken... When you see the episode, whether on TV or online, look for the blond hen in the coop that looks like Phyllis Diller - she's mine!


  1. Yahoo Karen! Look at you go as a "camera girl"!

    It was so wonderful having you here while we filmed. Thanks for all of your help and support. I had no idea you were being filmed while filming. How cool is that??

    But I have to tell you that ever since filming, Thyme has gotten a "big head". She is insisting that we address her as Miss Thyme and we schedule all appointments for egg pick up with her "peeps". I swear, I never thought being on TV would go to her head like that!

    Hugs to you my friend!

  2. Gosh Theresa!

    You see how my being there for a few hours behind a camera affected me. I'm impossible to deal with right now... so I absolutely believe missy Thyme is probably unbearable as well. I will get her soon, I promise, so you don't have to deal with her attitude much longer. In the interim, do you think it will help if I take away her henphone?

    Hugs back!

  3. Karen, I used to have a hen w a hairdo like the one in your pick. Crested Polish I think?? She got out once and didn't find her way back - I think she couldn't see with those feathers in her eyes unfortunately.

  4. She is a Polish hen Cindy. Buff colored...I'm sorry your hen couldn't get home because of the headdress. Makes sense though. They are kinda like the bearded collie that can't see through their facial fur...