Sunday, August 15, 2010

So that you all don't think I'm alone when I'm working here at the "farm", I thought I'd give you some behind the scenes from yesterday's new merchandise shoot. Her name is Parsley. She is the official shop kitty. This October 1st she will be 10 years old. Right now, as I type this she is sleeping against my elbow on top of my briefcase. Wherever I go she goes... Kinda, sorta like I am Naomi to her Ruth as in the Old Testament. Nice Sunday allusion. She brings me presents. Not so nice Sunday allusion... So, as I made a batch of Double-Mint Oliver Soap today I had this little girl to cheer me on. You all don't have to worry about me being alone.


  1. My, my, she is sweet! I love my cats and can't imagine not having them around. They do love to "help" me and keep me company no matter what I'm doing! The only place they're not allowed is outside ... traffic, hawks, eagles ... not a very cat friendly place ... so I garden alone ... well, there's the birds and squirrels of course : )

    August 17, 2010 9:35 AM

  2. Hi Lora! So good to have you follow me here to blogspot from spaces.

    I know what you mean about the outside perils to kitties. We lost a cat to an owl, we lost another to coyotes, we lost another to a neighbor's car dripping antifreeze (we don't know why he needed antifreeze here in Sunny Southern California). Parsley is a very cautious kitty outdoors. Her brother Sage is an indoor only cat in part because he is not cautious at all and we'd lose him to traffic, birds of prey, poisons, doubt about it.